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Book One

Book 1: Welcome


The first book in the series delivers powerful messages, in a tone both motherly and instructive, about such intriguing concepts as our spiritual legacy and the great love of our spiritual teammates.


As one who stands upon a glorious mountain peak wants to cry out with awe into the vastness, so am I bursting with a yearning to convey what it is I now can see.  Yet I know that while these vast concepts are enthralling, the most useful concepts for you, right now upon the Earth, are that of your spiritual connection to your Team, how your physical body relates to your spiritual body, methods for accelerating your development, tools to dispel negativity, and the overriding mission of life on Earth.

It’s “All Hands on Deck!” for the world right now, and one of the reasons I’m able to do this with you is because of that fact.  Teams are escalating their work, bringing many things to full fruition, to prepare for a major “overhaul” in a sense. These points of monumental change and revelation occur many times throughout the cycles upon the Earth.  We are all positioned perfectly for what is to come.  From here, it is a light show.  Vibrations of great contrast are pulsating across the Earth in massive sheets of color, energy and power.  There is so much varied intention swirling all around humanity, it would be impossible for things to stay the same.  Our Team, like all teams, is well aware of what is needed and how to maximize what we have to offer.  


Imagine a representative of a company being sent out to a conference.  His head is full of facts and figures, concrete goals and mile-high dreams, some of them confidential and some that he is ready to make known.  He has a mission to accomplish, and the hopes of the business are riding on him.  His supervisors and co-workers have prepared him, and he has learned his lessons well.

Before and after the conference, he is in touch with the Team, but when he stands up to deliver his material to the audience, it’s up to him to be the strongest representative he can be, transmitting what he’s been taught to the best of his ability.  Their words echo in his mind, their faces are before him, and the notes that they helped him to prepare are in his hands. More influential than anything he has to say, however, is the force of authenticity he brings to the presentation- that indescribable quality that can make or break the “deal”. After leaving the conference, he returns to his place of origin filled with information about what was well received and what was not, where he erred and where he excelled, and it is this information that enables the Team to regroup and plan anew.

This analogy, business or otherwise, reflects the basic structure of how souls unite into teams for a variety of missions, in order that every member may grow and expand.  It also reflects the fact that every member, at some time or another, bears the weight for the rest of their Team, willingly accepting hardships that belong to the group so that some members can be freed up to complete a part of the mission. Is this not so within any family unit or other earthly organization?  Love on all levels, whether spiritual or physical, leads one to sacrifice in support of others.

I am here to tell you that you are valued, honored, and needed by your Team. And I am here to tell you that by remembering who you are, the Team to whom you belong, and the legacy that you carry within your spiritual DNA, you can transform your entire existence. 


When the yearning of the soul to rise up like a blazing torch in the night becomes an utterly overpowering urge, one’s heart sends forth a call, a cry as it were, which is heard by one’s Team. This sound, like a beloved familiar voice, or the cry of a child for its mother, is so recognizable, so poignantly stimulating to the Team, that a response is then activated within the core of each one of the members. Without the authenticity of this cry, such a response cannot occur, for the Team is operating in accord with Universal Law, and their ears are uniquely attuned to recognize this cry.  This is not merely a cry for help, a cry of demand, or the curious mind’s cry for more experience. Rather, it is the cry of the prodigal son, filled with humility, understanding, appreciation, devotion and profound sincerity.  It is the cry that no mother can deny, that all of Nature and the angels rally to answer, for it is the cry of one who is not only ready for the breakthrough of spiritual acceleration, but who has without any hesitation emptied himself for that singular purpose.

Indeed, it is this emptying is what creates the cry, for only in the echo of that valley of emptiness can the cry resound. It is a literal sound, an actual vibration, which cannot be imitated or created by conscious conviction, for it only occurs deep within the secret, fervent chambers of one’s individual identity. This sound, a virtual echo across the Universe, is a stimulating signal- a code in a sense- and in accordance with Universal Law, the response from the Team must come. Instantly and with great passion, they galvanize themselves to activate in full force the banner of grace that crisscrosses the spiritual body. Points along the banner begin to glow as never before, filling the other two aspects, Love and Will, with all the collective energy and legacy of wisdom of the Ancient Ones, the spiritual family’s DNA, and the genetic links that are components of the soul’s makeup but have been latent until now. Through this legacy is nourishment passed, sustaining and uplifting the individual as never before. Memories are activated, divine connections are intensified, and streams of information begin to flow. It is as if a floodgate has been opened that leads to a world of other channels, and the inundation begins, pouring in from numerous sources and directions.

These are the primary characteristics of the change that has been wrought in the seeker’s soul, and it is permanent, for this is not the phase of back and forth experimentation, questioning and exploring, but the stepping over into a frontier from which there is never any return.  Nothing could bring the seeker greater joy than being released from the instability of those earlier courses to the surety of this land that lies before him, bursting with unrivaled beauty. Without a backward glance, he steps forward and begins to walk home, led by the unseen hands of the Team.

Never forget, the union of your unique soul and your current body is a miraculous occurrence, an opportunity that was designed with great care by a Team that loves you and is wholly invested in you. It is a combination of the spiritual and physical that will never again be repeated in the same exact form, and is therefore worthy of your deepest appreciation and most sincere efforts.


This is the ultimate purpose for which we work- to initiate cycles of exploration, extension, expansion, and development. We need all of you for this purpose. You are the ones who link and leverage our efforts, turning our few fishes and loaves of bread and into thousands for the masses! Each of you has a portion to carry in this mission, a portion that can only be done upon the Earth. Bear in mind that while our non-earthly state gives us a certain advantage of perception, it does not mean that your boots-on-the-ground position is not valuable to those of us who are in the lookout tower. On the contrary, what you can see, feel, and do there in a concrete manner is the hands-in-the-clay side of our work, and the importance of it cannot be stressed enough. 

The mere fact that some of us are working from a different dimension does not alter the reality that our mission is one and the same, and we are depending upon you, just as you are depending upon us.  Remember, when you transition out of your body, you will continue your mission, and those who are yet upon the Earth will remain as dear to you and as important an ally as they are now.

Ripples of cleverness, artistry, and creativity are flowing forth from every corner of the world towards each of you and from you to each of them. Therefore, the ideas and impulses that you wake up with each day are, in part, influenced by the work of all other minds. You are all simultaneously influencing one another with your work, whether or not you actually encounter one another. Like children building sandcastles side by side on the playground, immersed in their own little world yet companions in the journey of childhood, so are all thinkers, inventors, composers, creators, dreamers, builders, and craftsmen of the Earth participating in parallel play. Side by side you build, using the same principles, the same creative urge, the same willpower to forge ahead, yet so often unaware of how your energy is affecting one another.  I urge you to allow the enormity of this process to impress itself upon your mind, for it is a wonderful and integral part of your existence. If all this is going on upon the Earth, think how much more is going on in the higher dimensions, where thoughts and their resultant manifestations are instantaneous! Embrace this process as it whirls around and through you, sending forth acknowledgement, respect and gratitude to the companions who are contributing so much to your evolution, both on the Earth and on the Other Side.

And so, in the spirit of this message, I pour out to you our appreciation for your offerings, large and small, for your commitment to this precious mission, and for your trust in all of us.  I thank you for your willingness to hold me and all the Team in a place of love and reverence in your mind, for Divine Love is an energy that always heals, ever protects, and can cross all illusions of time, space, or distance.

Book 1: FAQ
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