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Book Two

Book 2: Welcome


While Book One was unmistakably the voice of Teddy alone, the subsequent books began to reflect the voices of other teammates.  The same voice of encouragement and guidance is heard, but the messages have  a more scientific and philosophical slant.


As these thought impulses expand, they are magnetically attracted to other thoughts of the same kind, eventually becoming part of enormous spheres comprised of those specific types of vibration.  As a result, all throughout the Universe exist countless spheres of these thought collections, and each of us is connected to them through our unique vibrational alignment.

These spheres vary in quality and degree and are a direct reflection of the various points of consciousness in existence.  Therefore, there exist spheres of Love, Anger, Kindness, Violence, Forgiveness, Peace, Conflict, Fear, Mercy, and every other possible array of energy, each one floating like bubbles with unique shapes, qualities and differing sizes amidst dimensions, evolving constantly as more and more thoughts are added to their essence, each oscillating at a certain rate of speed and emanating sound of a certain tone or pitch. The first step in this conscious approach is to become aware that everything you encounter throughout the world is actually a vibration cloaked in an event, and it is posing an “invitation” to you to join it.

Evolution is a collective process.  Therefore, all personal spiritual growth is intersected with the growth and insights of the collective, and this intersection takes place within these spheres. Entire schools, temples and training centers are organized in these spheres as well… a set of spiritual universities that focus on intensifying and focusing a specific vibration to a specific location.  But these spheres are not only informational depositories and broadcasting centers.  They are meeting places as well, where entire teams gather, confer, pray, sing, create, regroup, intercede and make plans, and it is from the secure position within these spheres that they send forth their communications and receive input from their earthly teammates who are aligned with their same frequency. Teammates work from multiple spheres, sometimes emphasizing certain aspects of one over the other to be able to relay a particular slant on a message.

Your task – everyone’s task – is to align with the highest sphere you can and to establish an open a channel of receptivity to your Team, without fear or forcing, and manifest what you receive in the manner most natural for you. In addition, your Team members will be able to commune with you as never before, as they literally ride upon the waves of these spheric vibrations to the door of your soul. Remember that these spheres are organic, living, collective energy entities from where your Team operates.  There is no exclusivity in this matter; you in the field may join us in these “headquarters”, and thereby become a clearer channel for the dissemination of Truth, for we are all truly One.


First, I ask you to suspend the idea that you have come to the Earth only to grow. Rather, I ask you to consider that you have come to the Earth to assist with the evolution of the consciousness of the planet, and in the process of doing so, you grow. In other words, you are here primarily to assist, and the by-product of that assistance is personal growth. Next, I ask you to suspend the idea that you are thrown into a cycle of suffering until you earn the right to be free of it. Replace that concept with this one: You chose to come here. There were many other planets and dimensions to choose from, but this was your choice and therefore, it became your assignment. You have committed to serve this planet for a period of time, and together with your Team, you are intrinsically involved in deciding when you have accomplished what you set out to do.


Step forth to assert the divinity that you possess, and make it the dominant power over the other elements of your nature.  When any impulse comes to you, ask yourself, “Who is in charge here?”  Do not allow your body, emotions or mind dictate what they will or will not do!  If they demand something damaging, speak to them like a parent to a child.  Take control of that decision. Don’t allow them to become a tidal wave that overpowers the soul’s discernment.  If your mind begins to manufacture a snare of doubts and fears, tell it to take its place.  Remember, the body, mind and emotions are tools for the soul to use as it sees fit.  You are that soul, the captain of your ship, the rider in whose hands the reins rest.  Rise up and take your rightful position!


From the broad and clear perspective of the Other Side, all conditions which you regard as varying “circumstances” are seen as being equal in their essential value, for all of them are operating under identical principles and for identical purposes. In this regard, we find that there are actually no circumstances.  There are only temporary conditions caused by vibratory alignments, and all of them offer the very same opportunity to those who are experiencing them.  This opportunity comes in the form of free will choice.

It’s understandable if you find these statements confusing.  You may wonder how poverty and wealth, illness and health, sadness and happiness, can all offer the same opportunity.  I assure you, when you go through transition, the details of your life “circumstances” fade away like the details of a dream.  Whether you were beautiful or homely, famous or nondescript, wealthy or poor, is no longer of prominent concern.  You retain only the essence of what you learned within those conditions, not the conditions themselves. You see clearly that what you made of those circumstances occurred because of your soul’s ability to impact matter, not because of the matter’s ability to impact the soul.  Just as a child cannot recall if he/she slept in a cradle or a basket or how he/she looked as a toddler but remembers vividly how he/she felt throughout childhood, so do perceive your earthly life once you have left it.  In other words, you retain only the quality of the choices that you made in any given moment.  I must say this again!  The value of your choices, moment by moment, step by step, is what you retain, what you build upon, what you review at transition.

But I am here to tell you that the poor person and the rich person have the exact same opportunity in front of them – to choose an attitude and thought pattern of integrity and authenticity, right where they are.  The trappings around them do not change this choice in any way.  If they are dripping in diamonds or dressed in rags, the Universe is still asking the same thing of them. And when they finish their physical lives, those same rags and diamonds will be regarded as teaching tools that were identical in worth. You may argue that it is easier for the rich person to make a positive choice than it is for the poor person, but you are wrong.  Put a cruel, narrow-minded person in a mansion and you still have a cruel, narrow-minded person whose choices will reflect that.  Put an authentically benevolent soul in rags and you will still have an authentically benevolent soul whose choices will reflect her nature as well. 

Book 2: FAQ
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