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Book Four

Book 4: Welcome


Book Four "takes the lid off" the insights given in the three previous books, expanding our understanding of the vastness of our souls in relation to creation as well as the true nature of Timelessness.


The sacredness of your life cannot be overemphasized. Be not cavalier about the phenomenal experience of human existence and its inherent gifts which you have obtained. The gift of education, so you may read this book.  The gift of speech, so you may share your light. The gift of friends, family, teachers, shelter, clothing, food, water, sunlight.  The gift of mobility, the use of your hands and eyes, senses of smell and touch, precious tools so you might have all things available to you to evolve and assist others in their evolution.  These are not random, ordinary things tossed into the mix of life for no purpose. Each one of them is a miracle in itself.

The whole world has served you from the moment you were born. From infancy and helplessness were you sustained until you could sustain yourself.  This was not accomplished by one person, but by many, most of whom you do not know.  It took many to protect, guide, and educate you through childhood.  You could not thank them because you were not even aware of their care and protection. You were snatched from dangerous situations many times, even to the point of saving your life, but you cannot remember this. You received nurturing and comfort which nestled like seeds in your heart to blossom later in life, also unremembered. You have been watched, guided, protected, challenged by Teammates both in the world and beyond — and you still are.   

This is why you are to cherish others... cherish the Earth...  cherish Life… for it is filled with people who have been directly or indirectly involved with your physical and spiritual wellbeing.  We ask you to consciously thank, from the core of your being, not only those individuals whose service you are conscious of but those who you cannot recall or never even met. Radiate your gratitude to these people, these souls, those beings who have populated the Earth throughout history, and see that radiance expanding ever wider and wider... touching those who influenced them, and those who influenced others, and those who influenced them as well… a ripple going on and on into infinity.  In this way you will come to feel that you have been supported by the entire Universe, and that your life is a reflection of all beings, each rooted in the Ultimate Source of Love.


You are visiting the Earth for the purpose of creating, and it is time to ask yourself, “What is it I am truly creating here, year by year, day by day, moment by moment? What is my typical vibrational emanation?  What kind of influence am I having upon those around me and even beyond me?  What material, emotional, and mental evidence do I have in my life that is showing me how I use my creative power?” It is important to be totally honest with oneself about these questions, for self-delusion blocks your flow of energy, causing fatigue, confusion, and delay.

That which you are creating is what you are leaving as a legacy for others to build upon.  This legacy includes not only your immediate family and friends but future visitors to the Earth realm for generations to come. It also includes yourself, if you choose to return to the Earth in another human form!  What are you leaving for yourself and these fellow explorers to find? Will they encounter a symbol of your love somewhere on the planet to guide and inspire them as they journey? 

Think of yourself and how much comfort and enlightenment you receive from the music, art, architecture, books and inventions created by people who lived perhaps many hundreds of years before you. How barren life would be without the contributions of these people, without these remnants of their wisdom for humanity to lean upon.  Take note — these were left for you, given to you, through the love and learning of other souls. Someone, somewhere, at some time used their Holy Creative Power creating beauty, perhaps at great sacrifice, and left it as a marker for all who would encounter it later. 

You are walking upon the shoulders of the Collective, and others will walk upon yours, all in degree, according to what you offer as a gift to the Universe. These creations are what you are contributing to the whole of humanity and the collective condition of your Team.  They’re also what you are “storing up in heaven” for yourself, for all that we offer to the physical world has a vibrational counterpart, or reflection, on the Other Side. The markers you leave upon the Earth extend deep into the Earth itself and radiate outward through other dimensions.  Therefore, you will encounter your creations again everywhere you go.


As you walk the path of illusion, you may often look for signs and signals  from the Divine for guidance. This is certainly a valid receptive activity, but don't forget that you are not only a receptive being. You are also an active being!  Therefore, you are continuously sending out signs and signals yourself.  You may think of yourself as a lighthouse which radiates a series of light signals — codes for the ships on the ocean. As a lighthouse, you are radiating a statement, a signal to the world and to the Universe at large. You are calling, repelling, affecting, and interacting with Vibrational Spheres, principles, forces, Teams, Leagues, magnetic deposits and much more.   

A lighthouse sends forth its code and the sailors respond accordingly.  You can think of the sailors as the spiritual principles in the Universe.  They respond to what you put forth.  If you send out a code signaling that the waves are high and you are in a state of chronic fear of impending storms, then those ships are going to see your signals and respond the same way.  Likewise, if you radiate a signal that from your heightened perspective where the big picture is evident, the weather is clear and all is well, you receive ships that believe the same. It would be much more beneficial for you to look less for signs and signals and focus more on the signals you are sending forth in the form of your core belief about your identity and the identity of others.  

It is just as important to remember who others are as it is to remember who you are.  If you have a divine identity, so do others, no matter what kind of life they are living.  If you are a soul on a journey through matter, so are others.  If you are working through roles and conditions to extract the light from them, so are others.  If you are contributing to vibrational spheres, so are others.  If you are the child of divine beings, so are others. If you are in need of unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness, encouragement, friendship and a hand up, so are others.  If you are in need of grace, so that your every word and act is not judged and retaliated upon, so are others. If you have a spiritual Team, so do others.  If you are a child of God, so are others.  If you can reject or choose this birthright, so can others. As you embrace your divine identity, embrace the same in others.  See in them the light they may not yet be able to see for themselves. Give out the signal you wish to receive back.


What illusions are you studying today? Which ones have you studied thus far? What have they taught you as you experienced their temporary allure and their eventual metamorphosis or disintegration? Once you identify them and embrace their educational value, your connection to them will change. You will no longer feel dependent upon them for your happiness or fulfillment. Instead, the underlying beauty which is symbolized by those illusions will become available to you, a beauty far greater than what the symbol could ever be.  In other words, once you no longer “settle” for the surface meaning of things, the lovely surprises that lie waiting for you will emerge.  

That which intimacy represents (spiritual union), that which physical beauty represents (the refined spiritual body), that which wealth represents (wellsprings of wisdom), that which fame represents (fulfillment of one’s spiritual plans), that which possessions represent (God’s fountain of goodness), that which your home represents (the security of God’s love), that which your children represent (the relationship between your Divine Parents and your own soul), that which society represents (points of consciousness) and much more will reveal themselves to you, rising out of the mists of illusion like a long-lost friend who has been away on a journey. Truth is your greatest friend; therefore illusions are your friends as well, for one is born out of the other.

Set the illusions free –- i.e., release your desperate grasp upon them –- and you will discover their essence, which is vastly more magnificent than anything they ever had to offer in their symbolic state. Whatever it is that you are clinging to with hands of fear, have the faith and courage to let it go and then wait for the mists to part, for part they will. To do anything less is to postpone what you have come to Earth to do.  Surely the love of God is greater than what appears to be the loss of something material. I assure you, all things are restored in the heart of the Divine. Anything and anyone you have lost, suffered, or grieved will be returned to you tenfold when the pattern is complete. And how is the pattern completed?  It is done through your willingness to explore alternative ways of thinking, creating, reacting, and living within the set of illusions supplied by the Earth.  

Raise the bar for yourself!  Reach beyond the borders of your present point of view.  Look at the elements of your life and ask yourself, “What does this condition/relationship/object spiritually symbolize?”  And be willing to hear the answer. What do you have to lose, my beloved friend? Only an illusion that shall eventually be outgrown anyway.

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