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Frances' childhood automatic writing

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All throughout my life I have had what is commonly described as “psychic” experiences, including dreams, visions and messages from people who have passed away. As a young child of ten, I began to receive through automatic writing, poetry and messages far beyond my ability to compose. My bond with my mother as my spiritual teacher and dearest friend was so close, I had no doubt that I would have some connection with her after she transitioned; however, nothing could have prepared me for the intensity of our interchange.

 I cared for mother for two years while she was ill, and was by her side at her passing.  At the moment of her passing I felt something within me go with her, and something of her stay inside me.  I know now that was an exchange of spiritual DNA which would make the contact which was to follow possible. Nineteen days after she had died, I was on a plane to NYC to see my daughters.  I looked out the plane at the glorious clouds and asked her a question: “Mom, is there any distance for you?”, and  I received an answer.  It was not an intuitive answer but a concrete one – I heard her voice, and while it was indeed inside my head, it also seemed to be outside of me as well.  Thus began a conversation that lasted more than a year.  I hand-wrote the information she gave me and compiled it into books.  The first one was finished in three weeks.  I released the next two within a year, and the fourth in 2017.

While in communication with Mother, I underwent a tremendous change. My body behaved differently.  Many of my health habits changed (overnight), and I felt like a creature who’d shed its skin – lighter, stronger, freer, fresher, younger, more agile.  I felt enlivened by a different vibration; I could hear melodies and see colors that I’d never been aware of; sometimes, I felt I was seeing the world as an infant might, with amazement and awe. Something as common as feeling a gust of wind or observing the ripples of water became a mind-altering experience for me. This means that the people I meet and share my life with truly look, sound, and feel different to me.  I see new things in their eyes.  I hear new information in their voices.  I sense the “story behind the story” about many things that I never knew before. I love differently, too… because I love the Team behind each person, not just the person… so when I address someone, I feel I am no longer addressing an individual but a collective being. I am simply living in another dimension of thought.I knew this transformation was not something I had personally created, for I am not capable of such a thing. It was created by a team of beings who saw an opportunity to get their “all hands on deck” message to us, using the refined energy of my mother and my receptivity to her.

Since the books have been public, I have been told by numerous people who have studied such matters all their lives that they are “teachings for the teachers” and “the most important body of work” they’ve read in many years. I can boldly state these things because I am a student of the material, not the originator.  When I read the books, I am overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what came through, as well as the beauty, urgency, power, and depth of the insights. I would venture to say I have had a “near death experience,” of some kind, dying in part with my Mother, and taking on a world view from her unobstructed point of understanding. I invite you to read these excerpts and discover what your Team has to say to your soul…

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