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On 10/13/13, at about 6:30 pm, large beams and spheres of Light appeared in the circular memorial garden on Teddy's property. On this day, I'd just finished making a video for a friend's memorial service.  As I was leaving the property, I suddenly felt drawn to the garden. I stopped my car and began photographing the statues, as I often like to do. The first photo in the series is a distant shot as I approached the garden which showed nothing unusual. Then, for some  reason, I bent down and took a picture of the baby angel.  Imagine my surprise when large spheres and beams of light began appearing on the camera screen! Some of the spheres were misty and others were vivid and brilliant. 

Of course, I was intrigued but I was also skeptical, so I tested the phenomenon by photographing away from the angel statues. When I did so, no spheres appeared, as you can see in the photos of the woods and the St. Francis statue.  The spheres appeared only on the angels statues - until the end of the sequence when I spoke aloud and said, "If this is authentic, I want to see TWO spheres over the two chairs in the garden." As you can see for yourself, the request was honored... I dropped to my knees in awe. Needless to say, all doubt in me vanished. The next photo of the kneeling angel was the most brilliant one of all, and the last one was like a dissipated mist that faded away...

The photos were so beautiful, I decided to redesign the book covers using them. Two  of the pictures were clear enough to use; the other books feature  photos taken on different days. The last two photos on this page (taken at another time) are provided to show you the circular orientation of the statues and so you can see what they look like in normal daylight conditions. I've shown them to photography professionals who have stated they are not caused by camera features or anomalies. The spheres have never appeared since, nor I have I seen anything like them in photos others have shared with me. I consider them to be a miraculous manifestation of the Team's presence

Photos: Projects
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Photos: Projects
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Photos: Projects
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