In honor of Teddy's many years of work as a shelter mother

for sexually abused girls, Frances shares the proceeds from

these meetings with Crossing Point Arts, a non-profit 

that supplies instruction in therapeutic art, dance, drama and

music to girls and women who have been trafficked.  

Team book meetings involve conferring with your Team to 

receive insights to help you navigate your life in a real

and practical way.  


but is meeting online with Team book readers individually

or in small groups  to answer questions about the material

and how to apply it to their lives. 

Please email with the country

and  time zone you are in to receive more information about scheduling a meeting . 

Testimonials below...


Applying the Team Book principles

As a child, Frances was very intuitive and experienced many confirmations of her psychic impressions. 

After her Mother transitioned in 2010 and the channels of communication opened between them, this intuition expanded greatly. Those who have received her readings have found them to be accurate, evidential, and healing. Because each person's path is so unique, there is no 'typical' reading.  At times, Frances prepares written or recorded notes  before she meets with you, and the reading evolves around them.  At other times, loved ones who have transitioned will come through with evidence of their identity and their messages. Frances trusts that your spiritual Team will bring forth the information that's most beneficial to you. At the present time, Frances has chosen to focus on the material at hand rather than connecting with loved ones on the Other Side.  




I have had many readings done through the years with some talented, powerful souls as my own soul has sought answers on this journey called Life. The reading with Frances was unique unto itself. If I were to describe it as a texture, the word “Soft” would apply. The sensation I felt was “Comfort” even when the instructions/words themselves were direct and straightforward.  I have referred others to Frances for readings and I find we have used the term “Confirmation” when describing the experience to one another.  My reading confirmed things I felt I already knew, and it was with great joy I received information, through Frances, from members on my Team. I will be a “regular” client as I continue to evolve. Feels important to check in every now and then, and who better to do it with? I am grateful to Crystal Teddy Key, The Team Books, Our Teams, and to Frances for being The One who lovingly channels these sacred messages to us.

Lisa Simone, France

(Daughter of Nina Simone)

How you have blessed me!
Without meeting me, you did a reading on my recently departed husband... and honed in on his effervescence...  I have always been a skeptic, but you told me things you had no way of knowing... Frances, you are the real thing.


Tennessee, USA

My reading with Frances was very special. She confirmed what I felt to be true. Frances tapped into my Mom and Dad's energy, bringing me great joy knowing my Mom was aware and felt thelove I have for her and was grateful for the care she was given. My reading made me smile all day. I looking forward to reading all four of the books written by Frances and her mother.

Joyce Stroud

Florida, USA

The reading I received was remarkable. It  occurred by text. Frances was aware of my friend who passed under suspicious conditions and was given his name.  She also saw a recently departed friend of my father's who was helping my younger friend transition after the violence he had experienced in life, which was very comforting.


Florida, USA

I have never had a reading before.  It was astounding to me that without knowing anything about me, Frances received pages of information about me and my loved ones, tuned into my attraction to Greece, and supplied special guidance for my life


New York, USA

I met with Frances online to discuss some basic concepts in the Team books.  She was able to help me understand them and how to apply them to my life. It was a  truly beautiful session.


Arizona, USA

I gave Frances the first name of my friend who wished to speak to her departed daughter.  She received detailed messages for my friend, including the cause of death, sibling names and information about a non-profit established in her memory that was impossible to know


Georgia, USA

Someone very dear to me was killed in a shooting with a group of people. Without being told the manner of death, Frances  knew the death involved a group karma. She tuned into his personality completely, and delivered his encouraging words. This brought me great comfort.


New York, USA

Frances' message from my grandmother helped me to heal a long-rooted resentment I had of my aunt. The understanding I gained enabled me to forgive her. In addition, the insight she gave me into a past life helped me to lose my fear that I would die at a young age.


Florida, USA

I simply asked if Frances could connect with my sister. Frances received my sister's name, the way she passed, and described a mountainous view from my sister's vantage point that I had also been shown in a dream. She knew my sister was communing with a male child that would come to me soon - my son arrived 18 months later!"


Florida, USA

Before we met, Frances wrote out notes about her impressions for my reading.  She used the notes to guide our conversation.  It started out with my Dad, who was the one person I really wanted to come through. She knew so much about him, how much I admired him, and how he adored my husband!  She saw that I was an artist and working in the field of health. She clearly described my friendship with a girlfriend who passed away years ago and who I often think about. She saw that I have a son and gave me guidance about some issues I'm having, referring me to specific passages in the Team books to study.  She knew that my name was important to me, named after my grandfather, and that I'm very involved in the legacy of my family. She also knew the exact name of a person I have some difficulties with in my life. She then emailed me the handwritten notes she had used.  After reading them, the points we discussed made even more sense.  They were VERY clear. I have referred others to her and ordered the books.  Frances was spot-on!

Robin Sandler

Oregon, USA