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Book Three

Book 3: Welcome


Book Three introduces concepts designed to challenge many of our preconceived ideas of what is "spiritual".  We are guided to sift the wheat from the chaff and become more honest with ourselves about our motives, intentions, and degree of commitment.


The stardust of which your bodies are comprised has been in existence for billions upon billions of years, and since it has never disintegrated since its original formation, it has been endlessly combining with, separating from, and recombining with other elements throughout the Universe. As a result, all bodies bear fragments of multiple elements within them. Some bodies carry stardust that once was part of another planet; others carry stardust that once was a part of the body of a saint; another carries stardust that was once a part of a tree; another carries stardust that was once a part of the body of a hunter; another carries stardust that was once a part of a scientist, and so it goes, resulting in an incomprehensibly vast array of mixtures within each human body... The form you are using may be heavy with sun stardust, and so you have a tendency to greater outbursts; another’s form may be heavy with saintly stardust, and so that form may lean towards asceticism. Stardust carries vibrations, which are equivalent to memories…


You can practice this by making up your mind to go through one day completely unconcerned with the outer appearances of anything or anyone, including yourself.  Refuse to notice what one drives, wears, or does, focusing only on the light in their eyes and the song of their soul. Refuse to compare your own looks or possessions to anyone else’s, focusing on generating and radiating waves of love and wellbeing from your own heart.  You will be amazed by what you learn by doing this – first at how often the impulse to compare and criticize arises, and then at the beautiful freedom you feel when you release even a part of that limiting perspective.   

I am outlining this in detail because if you can grasp this fully, your life will absolutely change for the better from the inside out.  You will become an agent of enlightened living, and we need this of you. The world is desperate for this example as it struggles with the extremes of conditions and vibrations across the globe. Decide to become part of the balancing of that vibration.  Use your words and actions before others to emanate this message.  Begin to set the example to others around you that you are content with what already is and grateful for all that is coming. Teach others how gratitude works!


When you arrived in the body of an infant, you were fascinated by the shapes and shadows, the feel of water on your skin, tastes and smells of ordinary things, the animals, plants, and myriad of faces that you met. Now, they have become commonplace – yet if by chance you should see something totally unique, unfamiliar and as yet un-encountered, you freeze for a moment and become that amazed and delighted child once more. This process occurs on every level of existence.  Each time you enter a particular dimension, you encounter new forms of the same principles that you have encountered before. There is always a body of some kind.  There is always a shelter of some kind.  There is always community of some kind.  There is always a form of communication. There is always a form of meaningful work.  There is always a form of music, art, and innovation. There are always some kind of flora and fauna.  There is always a kind of relaxing leisure. And on it goes… for there are universal systems in place, structures that provide common threads from one dimension to the other. Whether you are on the Earth or in one of the infinite dimensions that comprise your perception of the “Other Side,” constancies do prevail.


The more one identifies with the body, the greater the fear of death is. The more one identifies with one’s true nature, the less this fear is.

Each time you fall asleep at night, you are accepting the death of the previous day. You do so fairly sure you will awaken to a new day in your physical body, but the events of the day you have just experienced are indeed gone. All that remains is their essence which you have extracted and absorbed into yourself. In this sense, that which is appears to be gone remains with you forever. This paradox is one that enshrouds your entire existence.  St. Francis of Assisi said, “For it is dying to oneself that we are born into eternal life.”

Just as every birth is unique for every life, so is every death. In both, however, general processes apply. To help you release some of your fears of death, I want to tell you about my transition out of the vehicle I used as Teddy into the vehicle I am now using...

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