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A Gift from the Other Side

Revolutionary insights

for the spiritual advancement of humanity

"You are not alone. You are not really even functioning as just one person.

Nobody is ... for you are a member of a spiritual Team as close to you as breathing."


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by Crystal (Teddy) Key
As communicated to Frances Rae Key

On October 9, 2010, at the age of 86, Gloria Crystal "Teddy" Key passed away at her Florida home with her family by her side.  Nineteen days later, her lilting Australian voice began to communicate with her eldest daughter Frances, about the scope and wonder of her new perspective from the afterlife state and, most importantly, the practical application of this perspective to the human experience. This remarkable collection of insights, written by hand in less than a year and divided into four books, has astounded friends, family and a growing circle of readers with their unusual outlook on the "story behind the story".  Highly advanced concepts, delivered with a tone both encouraging and at times confrontational, are explained as never before. 

Teddy conveys that each soul is on the Earth as a member of a spiritual Team, with specific missions in life. She reveals how various Teams work through what appear to be "individuals" and describes how there's so much more than meets the eye to our relationships and environment. These books offer concepts which many readers regard as new, while presenting ancient truths in a fresh format. It becomes evident throughout the progression of the material that a wide variety of teammates join Teddy to add their voices, culminating in a fourth book which urges us to go "beyond the Team."

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from the Other Side

''I speak to your soul as your Team member, to your heart as your Mother, and to your mind as your teacher and friend. We are so fortunate to have so many layers of connection to each other, making this work so natural and simple for us. I want to tell you of where I am; it is a place that you will recognize from my description, for you have spent more time here than on Earth. It is the familiar treehouse upon the mountaintop that you’ve seen in your mind, and a candle burns in the window there, waiting for you.'' ~ Teddy Key, Book One

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Scribe of the Team Books

When my Mother and our Team began communicating with me after her transition, my life was instantly transformed. This was not the delicate blossoming of a soul. Rather, it was  like an Olympic sport where you zoom through a chute at ninety miles an hour and emerge a few seconds later to find yourself in a new location. When I came down from the mountaintop to work again in the valley, a part of  me stayed on that peak. I knew this transformation had been facilitated by the Team, an outpouring of their divine grace. These books are their gift to every soul who has ever called out for them.

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